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Country : Hokendauqua, Whitehall, PA, USA

This station is located in the Hokendauqua (a.k.a. Hokey [ponounced "hockey" /ˈhɑːki/]) portion of Whitehall Township. Hokey was a town built on iron: in 1855, the Thomas Iron Company built two iron furnaces on what had been the Butz farm along the western bank of the Lehigh River in Whitehall Township. Soon after, the village that would become Hokey was formed by the company to house foundry workers and management.

In 1927, after 71 years of operation, the foundery closed for the last time. Bethlehem Steel purchased the property then began scrapping the facility in 1936, leaving just the shells of a few buildings on the site. Part of the origianl property has been turned into residential areas, as well as a segment (including the old limestone quary) became the American Legion Jones-Quigg, PA Post 739: most of the property remains undeveloped and overgrown to this day. A segment of the Ironton Rail runs through the property on the former Ironton Railroad (later Conrail) right-of-way.

Post war suburban growth turned the village into a bedroom community. In 2010, the village was the home of 3,378 people and 1,300 homes. The area is a United States Census Census Designated Area.



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Country : United States
State : Pennsylvania
City : WHitehall
Neighborhood : Hokendauqua
Section : 5th & Gail

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Weather installation


Rain and temperature sensors are mounted on pole 2-meters above mulched ground. Wind sensors are mounted 1-meter away, 5-meters off the ground ( from sea level). Installation does suffer from being in a residential setting, with a 25-meter tree 20-meters to the southeast, another 25-meter tree 30-meters to the west and a 12-meter house 25-meters to the northwest.

This station began operations on 07/JAN/2007. Despite mostly computer-related issues, the station has been reporting continually to CWOP and Weather Underground since that date.


Equipment : Wireless outdoor sensors.

Anenometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, rain counter.

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